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CHRISTER KARLSTAD (1974), NORWEGIAN PAINTER – Intriguing interpretation of Nature and Man

When paintings show a confrontation between life and death

CHRISTER KARLSTAD 1/3 – Sometimes his paintings show a confrontation between life and death. Visual figurative artist who lives and works in Drammen, graduated from Rogaland’s Norwegian School of Art, but he was born in Rælingen. The absence of architectural structures, is part of his staged mysticism, the same that contributes to the work’s ambiguity. Sometimes harsh, his strange environments seems new and familiar, both good and evil. His intriguing interpretation of Nature and Man, seduces the viewer with mysterious circumstances.  

CHRISTER KARLSTAD 2/3 – As this is how he sees and understands the world, his ambiguous scenario freely engages in myths and archetypes. In his paintings, between symbols and archetypes time stands, still to capture man’s return to nature. With his artworks, he wants to cross the border between the real and the fictional world. His paintings have been shown (in several group and solo exhibitions), and some of the artworks have been acquired by Arts Council Norway.

CHRISTER KARLSTAD 3/3 – If you observe one of his paintings (wondering if somebody is dead or only sleeping), you need to consider that the answers are to be found in the questions. The embrace between humans and animals is contradictory, as normality is challenged by the force that has united them. Inside his paintings, you can perceive the feeling of solitude, as if all that was once known has vanished.

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