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Importance of subjects and mastery of pictorial technique

ALBERT BIERSTADT 1/3 – He had been one of the first painters, who have artificially captured the greatness of the American West. In making his paintings he was inspired by photographs and artefacts collected during his travels. He was an US painter, born in Germany in 1830 and singer of the American West. He grew up in New Bedford (Massachusetts). Starting from self-taught, he began to work as a designer, even going to Europe to study painting. “Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains” is the painting created in 1868, which you can admire at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, DC

ALBERT BIERSTADT 2/3 – After travels to California and Oregon, he turned his New York studio into a museum, where people could see his paintings in the midst of artifacts made by Native Americans. He improved his landscaping technique  traveling to Germany, Switzerland and Italy. Back in the United States, in 1858, in New York, he exhibited works depicting places in Europe and his works were successful. The images of the Rocky Mountains brought him fame and wealth. After the Civil War he went on to travel, painting landscapes and caravans of colonists, fortunes and cowboys. “The Rocky Mountains, Lander’s Peak,” is a canvas oil painting, visible at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York

ALBERT BIERSTADT 3/3 – Demonstrating that America’s natural wonders could rival the great ruins of Europe, his images showed views of Yosemite and Sierra Nevada. It was part of the Hudson River School, an informal group of painters with similar styles and themes, who painted with romantic and almost glowing lighting. He returned to Europe again, traveled between London, Rome and Paris, grasping appreciation for his creative work. His last years were marked by a decline in his popularity. He died in New York in 1902. To see “Storm in the Mountains,” a painting he made in 1870, you can go to Boston, to visit the Museum of Fine Art.

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