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KONSTANTIN KOROVIN 1/3 – He was born in Moscow on a December day by a family of savvy merchants, but because of his economic collapse his father committed suicide. He had at Moscow’s Fine Arts School. Since 1900, his artistic work was also in favor of theaters. Painter, engraver and theater decorator, can be classified among the most famous Russian painters, because he is appreciated for his landscaping vein.

KONSTANTIN KOROVIN 2/3 – He was among the first Russian painters to perform color research, treasuring his European experiences. His artistic theories, concerning the chromatic and emotional elements of folklore, were perfected with the participation in the movement of the World of Art. I went to Paris in 1887 to learn more about Impressionism, observing the works of French painters. He made a long trip to Italy, Spain and France, even crossing Russia. He was awarded the Legion of Honor Medal at the Paris World Exhibition of 1900.

KONSTANTIN KOROVIN 3/3 – Since 1910, painting still life, he succeeded in collecting further successes. During the years of the First World War, he had worked as a camouflage consultant for the Russian Army, also visiting the first lines. In 1924 he decided to leave Russia, moving to Paris where he adhered to Impressionism, beginning to work as a theatrical decorator. In 1935, he also published his memoirs in a book. He died in Paris at the doors of the fall of 1931. Many of his works are exhibited in the Tret’jakov Gallery in Moscow

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