OH YOUTH – Arsen Dedić

Arsen Dedić is a singer-songwriter, one of the most prominent from Dalmatia. He was also an award-winning poet and was one of the best-selling poets of former Yugoslavia. He wrote and performed chansons, composes ballet music as well as film music and soundtracks. He recorded dozens of albums and hundreds of songs, he attended various festivals, also abroad. His father was an orthodox Christian, a bricklayer and a musician. Arsen was born in Šibenik in 1938, graduated at the Zagreb Academy of Music and debuted as a songwriter in 1963.

OH YOUTHYou gave but you stole and unfaithful were you. No, you didn’t give me too much. Oh youth, oh youth. Oh youth of mine that scarcely sun, that came down that cheap love, short dreams for memories that is not enough. Oh youth, youth. Stand still for a moment, and give me strength at least to say goodbye to her, and that my friends finish the song, and for the glass to empty. Still full of hope, what shall I do we are just half the way across, and already this morning there is a new youth. Oh youth, oh youth, oh youth of mine. So goodbye, be better with someone else give him more tenderness, because that what I’m loosing is nothing. Oh youth, youth.

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