ANSWER – Poem, by Andrzej Titkow

Andrzej Titkow is the author of dozens documentaries, feature films, TV shows, TV shows and theatrical performances. He is a Polish poet, director and screenwriter. He was born in Warsaw in 1946, debuting as a poet in 1963. He graduated at the Lodz High School in Film, Television and Theater. Since 1973 he has been associated with the Documentary Companion of Warsaw, collaborating between 1972 and 1981 with Polish Television. He has produced more than 80 documentaries and some films, but also published three poems collections. For him, only poetry manages to sustain the existential weight of the individual, to express his joys and sufferings, his impotence towards what he expects.. Https://

ANSWERWith the weight of words truncated, with the dark of the verse all the superfluous and the words compose, until you resound a nice music. But this world does not know harmony, so all I can do is quarrel and drink at will from the lazy river of the custom. So it is that the verse is born that will not be able to write down, or something that nods carefully though it is not more. Willingly to tell you, Denmark is a prison, but the bitterest prison is intimate. This silence.

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