SORGERY – Poem, by Jessica Tarahata Hagedorn

JESSICA HAGEDORN has received scholarships, which have helped her write a novel, which illuminates many aspects of Filipino experience (focusing on American influence through radio, television, and theaters). After publication in 1990, the novel gained a nomination for the National Book Award 1990. She was born in Manila in 1949 (from Scottish-Irish-French-Filipino mother to Filipino-Spanish father with a Chinese ancestor), then moved to San Francisco in 1963 and to New York in 1978, where she lives with her daughters. She adds a personal perspective to the literature of Asian America through her mixed media style, which often incorporates songs and poems, images and spoken conversations. She is a poet and novelist, playwright and multimedia artist. Currently, she is Professor of Creative Writing.

SORGERYThere are some people i know whose beauty is a crime. Who make you so crazy, you don’t know whether to throw yourself at them or kill them. Which makes for permanent madness. Which could be bad for you. You better be on the lookout for such circumstances. Stay away from the night. They most likely lurk in corners of the room where they think, they being inconspicuous, but they so beautiful, an aura gives them away. Stay away from the day. They most likely be walking down the street, when you least expect it trying to look ordinary, but they so fine, they break your heart by making you dream of other possibilities. Stay away from crazy music. They most likely be creating it. Cuz when you’re that beautiful you can’t help putting it out there. Everyone knows how dangerous that can get. Stay away from magic shows. Especially those involving words. Words are very tricky things. Everyone knows words, the most common instruments of illusion. They most likely be saying them, breathing poems so rhythmic you can’t help, but dance. And once you start dancing to words, you might never stop.

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