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JOGEN CHOWDHURY 1/2 – He is an eminent Indian painter and considered an important painter of 21st century. His most famous paintings are ink, watercolor and pastel color. The impulse and rhythm of his art comes from an affinity with nature and the environment. He is a master of lines and has mastered to make curves depict the character of his figures. By careful distortion of the form he imparts the air of caricature in his figures, figures of men and women. The figure is always the most important and conveys all the artist has to express. Colour, he uses though, is to provide matter into the form. He was born in 1939 in Daharpara (a village in Faridpur, Bangladesh district) and graduated in Kolkata and later continued the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He lives and works in Santiniketan.

JOGEN CHOWDHURY 2/2 – The figure is important and transmits all what he has to express, but it is only the color, which is able to offer the materiality of form. In his most recent works, the sensory experiences of cloths and stools, sofas and bodies, produces a disconcerting world of tumescence. Wearing an effusive sensuality, his figures are made with decorative sweetness and expressive distortion.

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