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HOCA ALI RIZA 1/3 – The history of Turkish art preserves the memorable memory of this native Istanbul artist. Throughout his life he loved painting sun-drenched rocks and the quiet corners of the cafes. He was the first Turkish painter, who painted in Impressionistic way, actually in touch with the countryside, gardens, or coastal landscapes. His existential horizon is full of pictorial works, also realized with the full expertise in watercolor technique. During the Greek-Turkish War, he had become a painter of the Ionian Sea. In the art collections of the Sakip Sabancidi Museum Istanbul, you can admire one of his paintings: Istanbul (oil on canvas 61×43,5 cm)

HOCA ALI RIZA 2/3 – His father was a cavalry major and an amateur calligrapher, and Ali Riza also attended courses at the High Military School. Then he had the chance to study painting in France, bringing back the contents of Impressionism to Istanbul. In 1903, he had been part of a commission for the creation of the Museum of Turkish Antiquities. His printed albums in Istanbul, which played an important role in the spread of Turkish pictorial art. In 1914 he began teaching landscape paintings at the School of Fine Arts. Http://

HOCA ALI RIZA 3/3 – After other teaching experiences, in 1929 he continued teaching at a children’s school, teaching there until his death. His last exhibition was in Paris in 1928, but his work has also remained important after his death. In 1958 and 1960, collective exhibitions with his paintings were also held in Ankara held in Istanbul. With his observation power and his love for art, he was among the first Turkish painters to develop an individual style

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