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MEXICAN POETRY – Octavio Paz, intellectual dissident

He was convinced, that when a society is corrupts, it is the language which first imputes. For him, faith in poetic creation was a means of returning meaning to existence. Octavio Paz, one of the greatest Mexican intellectuals was born in Mexico City in 1914 and died in 1998. The award of the Nobel Prize for Literature has rewarded the importance of his poetry-related work to his own land. After the debut with the “Luna silvestre collection” he stayed in Spain and US, France, Japan and India), including diplomatic offices. He criticized the ideological foundations of Russian communism and the communist parties of China and Cuba, as well as engaging in criticism of American imperialism. In 1968, social struggle will become fundamental to him, following the massacre of Plaza de Tres Culturas (theater of repression of the Mexican government) during the Olympics to suffocate student protests.

I GO FOR YOUR BODYI go for your body like to the world, your belly is a sunny beach, your breasts two churches where blood celebrates its parallel mysteries, my looks cover you like ivy, you are a Cities that the sea slams.

FATE OF THE POETWords? Yes, air and air lost. You let me lose my word, let me be lips on my lips, a vagrant breath silhouette, a short aroma that makes the air faint. Even light itself is lost.

TWO BODIESTwo bodies, facing each other, are sometimes two waves, and the night is ocean. Two bodies, facing each other, are sometimes two stones, and the desert night. Two bodies, facing each other, are sometimes roots in the interlaced night. Two bodies, facing each other, are sometimes knives, and the night light.

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