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MEETING BENCHES /AUTHOR’S TRAVEL – Evolution of Mexican art from murals to surrealist art

As always, also for this occasion we recommend to buy something to read (possibly written by Mexican authors), during the long trip, which awaits us. We recommend a novel by Laura Esquivel and a poetic collection by Octavio Paz, two Mexicans, who will accompany you to be part of their land, even with words.

Our travel through Mexico (1470 km in 20 hours by car) begins in the capital – Mexico city. Here you can see some paintings of Juan Soriano in the National Museum of Mexican Art In the center of Cuernavaca (Morelos) you can deepen your knowledge of this painter in Juan Soriano Museum.

During Revolution, the son of a Hungarian immigrant, a boy named Gunther Gerzso was born in Mexico City, becoming a painter. He illustrated the evolution of Mexican art, up to abstract surrealist art. In Museo Carrillo Gil Museum you can see “Ancient Structures”, an oil painting on Masonite (92 x 60 cm, 1955). In the same museum, you can also stop to admire some paintings of Josè Clemente Orozco, another great Mexican painter.

From Mexico City to Ciudad Guzman (535 km in 9 hours, passing through Mazamitla) We are arriving to the town, where Josè Clemente Orozco was born. This art ambassador had also been a tireless traveler. Becoming great, he painted murals, but if you want to see “The Epic of American Civilization” (300 m² in 24 panels), you’ll have to go to Dartmouth College (New Hampshire, USA). He painted frescoes for Hospicio Cabañas in Guadalajara, the masterpiece you can admire in your next stop in Guadalajara.

From Ciudad Guzman to Guadalajara (130 km in 2 hours), you will arrive where was born abstract painter Juan Soriano, one of Mexico’s most important modern artists, man who expressed his creativity at the edge of imagination of Mexican muralists and experimental adventure. Certainly don’t miss paintings and sculptures in the National Museum of Mexican Art’s, there they are in permanent exhibition. Before leaving Guadalajara, do not forget to go to Hospicio Cabañas to be astonished to see the frescoes, Josè Clemente Orozco’s masterpiece,but also stopped at the Orozco Workshop Museum to observe some paintings by this painter.

From Guadalajara to San Juan de los Lagos (150 km in 2 hours), where was born Maria Izquierdo, creative woman, who painted altars and horses, portraits and circuses. In this town, you can visit the House of Culture dedicated to the memory of this painter. Do not Forget to visit San Juan Basilica

From San Juan de los Lagos to Monterrey (655 km in 7 hours). The last part of your journey through Mexican art will take you to Monterrey, where was born Lorena Rodriguez, painter who tries to break stereotypes about Mexican women, exploring with colors and spatulas many layers of Mexican women and the society they live in. You can also visit Museum of Contemporary Art Well-dimensioned architecture museum offer free admission on Wednesday.

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