SOCIETY AND SOLITUDE – Ralph Waldo Emerson

That son of a minister of the Unitarian Church died in Concord in 1882, but was born in 1803 in Boston, Massachusetts. Ralph Waldo Emerson is considered a central figure in American culture. His work has influenced the whole American literary tradition. His instances are perceived in the American pragmatism and contemporary law (the Privacy Act, has roots in the beliefs Emerson). Even Friedrich Nietzsche was a reader of Emerson and he read him for his life, assimilating the self-confidence, nonconformity and love of solitude. His greatness is the vastness of the subjects treated by him, together with the pioneering spirit, the way he offered us his insights and convictions.

No writer has so shaped the course of American philosophy as Ralph Waldo Emerson (whose meditations on freedom and the power of knowledge have informed and inspired generations of scholars and thinkers. Society and Solitude is Emerson’s last great work (a collection of lectures he delivered on tour), in which he found profound insight on such seemingly prosaic topics. His penetrating wit and wisdom continue to speak to us today. The essays collected here allow us to appreciate the delicate balance, he established between social issues and self-confidence. Not to lose the sympathy, a man must be wrapped by the society, (having to watch from the vulgarity of conversations, in which does not put himself into play).

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