ANDRZEJ GUDANSKI – My interest in art started early and I have quickly realised, it is my destiny

ANDRZEJ GUDANSKI 1/4 – He was born in Łobez, Poland. He is completely self-taught. He has been drawing and painting from an early age. The first works in oil painted at the age of 12 years. At the age of 14, he began to sell his works – oil paintings and watercolors. The artist’s work consist of painting, drawing and ceramic.

ANDRZEJ GUDANSKI 2/4 – He developed his own unique style. His images are combination of imagination and emotions, they are full of poetics, wit, as well as anxiety and extraordinary aura. The artist seems to play with what is remarkable, wonderful and absurd, deeply outlining the drama of modern man and his complicated existence.

ANDRZEJ GUDANSKI 3/4 – Paintings of the artist relate in part to the art movement known as Futurism, where he strives to express movement, expression, expansion and demolition of all the existing traditions. Paitings are described as a fairytale, they are full of allegory.

ANDRZEJ GUDANSKI 4/4 – Works of the artist are presented in many international exhibitions, in New York, Spain, England, Italy, Canada and Kuwait. In 2013 he was awarded with prize „The dragon of Łobez County“ in the category “Culture and Art”. He was nominated for the International Art Competition PALM ART AWARD.

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