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IN THE HIDDEN CHANNELS OF THE MIND – The musical surrealism

The surrealist aesthetic, according to the flow of the unconscious, is based on the juxtaposition of meanings. The musical surrealism expresses psychic automatism, to express in any way vthe actual functioning of thought, outside of any aesthetic and moral. The surrealistic events, including the critical rationality and the conscious liberation of the unconscious imaginative potentials, in order to achieve a cognitive state beyond reality.

There are visionary musical groups (such as Einstürzende Neubauten or Throbbling Gristle and Carla Bozulich, or Diamanda Galas and Velvet Underground), which are able to express this musically Surrealism. These bands represent torments and pains, abuse contained in the deepest channels of the mind, expressed through music, which becomes the only way to externalize feelings of hidden reason.

At the very moment in which it is composed, music becomes real and tangible, born out of nothing. Claude Debussy – for example – through the whole-tone and pentatonic scales, but also through lack of resolutions of the agreements, he had created a “musical suspension” which fitted to impressionistic paintings constructed musically. Using the hue, Debussy evoked exotic fantasy images (or impressions deriving from the observation of nature), creating floating sounds, atmospheric and sensual.

Listening to some music of Pink Floyd, perhaps you get that feeling of absurdity inside, which we all feel listening to music containing alternates noises, shouts and dialogue. We do not understand the meaning, but inwardly we appreciate this musical sentiment spawned by the British group, composed of creative men, who had managed to achieve a perfect example of musical surrealism.

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