Step beyond the queues of London’s tourist, to its quirkier side, because the town reserves any number of hidden treasures, but only for those who know how to wander off the beaten track, and far from the usual clichés. Step beyond the queues of London’s tourist, to its quirkier side. Enjoy a night (out somewhere different), this weekend and discover the capital’s best hidden bars. We waiting for you at the CellarDoor In this small subterranean room, the space it’s used to fit up to 60 people. As one would expect from a lavishly refitted public convenience, this special site laces its glamour with a the seediness. Special cocktails served at Cellar Door? The Moscow Mule. Where? This hang-out hides underground, you can find at the Zero Aldwych.

London’s secret galleries? These spaces may be hidden from view, but they’re well worth seeking. Artists are creative and enterprising people, so if there’s a disused basement it’s likely to be used to host exhibitions. Maybe you’re right, if you get the feeling that you’re not alone down there. We can meet at the Crypt Gallery The gallery itself, is practically untouched (with many of its original features intact). The ancient crypt beneath St Pancras Church since 2002 hosted contemporary art exhibitions. Here, the first burial it was that of Ellen Strachey (aged 12), and the last in 1854, that of Harry Pearce (aged 71). That space, houses the interred remains of its 557 ancient inhabitants.

London is home of lesser-known museums (for all interests). Hunterian Museum? Wandering among this collection of thousands of medical specimens is fascinating. The best exhibits? The pickled organs from soldiers who fought in the Battle of Waterloo or – if you prefer – the Winston Churchill’s dentures. Don’t forget: all specimens are on open shelves and can be moved for your detailed study. Information for visitors: Royal College of Surgeons, 35-43 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London. Opening times: Tuesday to Saturday (10:00am – 5:00pm).

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