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The first non-native American seeing the lake was John Wesley Hillman. After the lake was called Blue Lake and Lake Majesty, before being known as Crater Lake. Bring a pair of binoculars, find a spot where car lights won’t flash at you, and sit back for one of the best night sky viewing locations in America. The closest big town to Crater Lake is Klamath Falls. Because of this and its level of isolation, Crater Lake is known world wide for being a stunning place to see the night sky.

When no moon is visible and the sky is cloud free, the universe unfolds over Crater Lake completely (in a way that is beyond words). The first picture of Crater Lake was taken in 1874 (but now the iconic lake can be seen on mugs, keychains and everything else sold in gift shops. 7,700 years ago, the mountain and the landscape surrounding this peak was forever changed by huge eruption. The eruption was the largest eruption in US in the last 500,000 years. Once the eruption subsided, the lack of lava below the mountain caused the hollowed out crater to collapse.

Hiking? Crater Lake National Park has over 90 miles of trails. The views and experiences from each corner of the rim are unique. The most popular hike is Garfield Peak, a short but steep hike. Impressive panoramas await you, if you have the fortitude to climb this peak. Another short (but steep hike) is the Fleetwood Cove Trail to the shores of Crater Lake. This trail is easy, if is taken slow with water breaks, but can give a tough time to those who aren’t used to hiking. Down at the waters edge, can be accessed a boat ride to the Wizard Island Trail.

Passing through small towns and pine forests, Crater lake appears out of nowhere, making the drive less of a road trip, and more of an adventure into the unknown. Crater Lake National Park is kind a far from anywhere, which adds to the appeal of this amazing destination. Oregon’s only National Park is 398 miles from San Francisco. It is hard to describe this region of Oregon, but it should be seen by everyone, as it gives stunning views of Mount Hoodand many more peaks in Oregon.

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