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the_empathy_museum_2_1Perhaps, empathy can not save the world, but it is an attitude certainly useful. By tuning empathetically, we may perceive lifestyles unusual. From September 4, 2015, London has a new museum: the Empathy Museum. On the Thames, it was inaugurated the installation “A Mile in My Shoes” (“A mile in my shoes”). Why this name? The philosophy of the museum is inspired by a saying Anglo Saxon: “before judging a person, try to walk a mile in his shoes.” For the creators of this initiative, empathy (the art of putting themselves in the shoes of someone else), is the most powerful tool that exists, to understand the lives of others.

the_empathy_museum_3_1Entering this original museum, you can physically wear other people’s shoes, but (more importantly), hear their story. You can come into a special boutique (the store of empathy), where to ask for a person’s shoes borrowed. Starting to walk along the Thames in those shoes, you listen through headphones the story of a stranger. The Empathy Museum will leave for a tour around the world. Do not forget that the museum has already activated a digital library, just to develop sensitivity to others, even your own. To follow the Museum of Empathy? You can subscribe to his newsletter.logo-meeting-benches

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