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LITHUANIAN MUSIC SHADES – Osvaldas Balakauskas, Penkios dainos

COVER.4He, a leading figure in the music of his native Lithuania, is currently head of the Composition Department of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. His music now draws on a variety of idioms, from the medieval to jazz. Osvaldas Jonas Balakauskas is a Lithuanian composer of classical music. He has also distinguished himself as an insightful and accurate music critic and theorist. He graduated from Vilnius Pedagogical University in 1961, was born in a December day in Miliūnai. After his mandatory service, he studied composition at the Kiev Conservatory. Between two years, he was the ambassador of Lithuania to France, Spain and Portugal. His output consists of symphonies, concertos, chamber and instrumental music. Balakauskas has had a great influence on several generations of composers: not only because of the spell cast by his music, but also as a teacher of the secrets of composition.

Osvaldas Balakauskas, Penkios dainos


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