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The “Birth of Venus”, is not only a tempera painting on linen canvas, a result of the creativity of 172 × 278 cm. Around 1485, Sandro Botticelli realized that wonder for the Medici villa of Castello, but now you can see in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, as an icon of the Italian Renaissance. When you observe that painting, the area of your perceptive eye is bigger than those 172×278 cm, because you see the entire Florence (along with all his art), with the eyes and emotions of Botticelli. That painting is creative roots in an ancient book of Ovid, the Metamorphosis. In the meadow which is inside that painting, you see violets. Now, try to imagine that those flowers, a symbol of modesty, were also used to make love potions.

To the left of Venus (naked, on a shell that sails the sea surface), flying the Winds, with a cascade of roses. To the left of Venus you see a servant, waiting for the Goddess of Beauty, to dress her. In that museum waiting for you, under the sky of the Galleria degli Uffizi in Florence, the universality of beauty that is visible outdoors, with the statue of David (regarded as a male beauty standard). That same beauty universality, female, èdentro the halls of the Uffizi Gallery: “The Birth of Venus.” That painting, full of allegorical meanings and references to antiquity, for centuries encloses the perfect idea of female beauty, since the reign of Love came to Florence with the Medici family, remaining until today inside those walls (as male and female, as they say the inhabitants of Florence).

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