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“CUATRO POSTES”: SMALL SQUARE, BIG MAGIC – Spain, Old Castile: the charm of Avila, within the Paseo del Rastro

quatropostes.1.1To the right of the Rio Adaja, within an intact city walls, the Old Castile retains a small treasure trove of art, even for you. Avila, the walled city that preserves the memory of Santa Teresa, your wonderful opportunity to admire a fascinating slice of Spain. You arrive in Plaza Santa Teresa crossing the Puerta de l’Alcazar, but to better observe the Cathedral, you will need to take the Calle de San Segundo. Look, before entering, the great apse of the church – the first monument of the city – filled corbels, it anticipates you a bright interior with three naves. Inside, right in the middle of an aisle, you will see that in 1540 carved a Dutch. In the main chapel you will see a magnificent altarpiece, but to get to admire a magnificent Renaissance tomb, you will have to go behind the main altar. http://www.antor.com/members/spainquatropostes2.1

To the south west of the Cathedral, just leaning against the wall, a group of old houses (Casas de los Davilas), including mullioned windows and crenellated towers, they give you the ancient atmospheres of a time that seems to stand still. To see the place where she was born a girl named Teresa, right next to a door on the wall, you have to go in the Convent of Santa Teresa. You can find a baroque church and a transept that introduces you in a special room, where the March 28, 1515 that little girl was born. http://www.avilaturismo.com/en/home/tourist-officequatropostes3.1

So many people come to this city to live the experience of the tour of its ancient walls completely enclose the old city. Look carefully at the material that was used to make the four-sided crenellated: 2400 meters of perimeter, 8 gates and 88 cylindrical towers – for the most part – are of Roman artefacts. That special excursion that brought you this far, has a name, the Paseo del Rastro, the one that winds up to the small rooftop plaza surmounted by four columns: Quatro Postes. You can stop, now, to photograph, paint or memorize the most charming spot of your trip to Avila. http://www.avilaturismo.com/en/what-to-do/walls-of-avila





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