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LEONOR FINI (1907/1996), ARGENTINE / ITALIAN PAINTER – An eccentric woman, star of European Surrealism

9post.3LEONOR FINI 1/6 – Born woman, in Argentina, in a summer day. Growing increasingly impatient with the conventions and fascinated by the new, devoting her life to the theater, travel and painting, but also loving – always – so desecrating. Trivially die in Paris (because of flu complications), in the heart of winter. LEONOR FINI 2/6 – Growing dispute between two divorced parents, living in Trieste a thrilling cultural atmosphere, to move to Milan and Paris, where she (the beautiful demoness, the Italian fury), knows painting surrealist by Breton Dali and Eluard. 18post2LEONOR FINI 3/6 – She began drawing only 9 years old, self-taught. Her artistic style (rich in an extraordinary drive transgressive), is expressed in creativity liminal, including shades of hybrid and duplicity, with pictorial references to the artists of the Italian Renaissance.  LEONOR FINI 4/6 – Hers is a symbolism populated by women-cat and sphinxes, with dominant females and males asexual, a way of life where she surfs, continuing to love only men-dog (obedient and joyful), flock to her commands. LEONOR FINI 5/6 – Fairytales valuable for a dream world, around her grow for decades in Paris (between the thirties and sixties), cloaked in a sophisticated creative sensibility, into the rushing river of Surrealism. 30post.1LEONOR FINI 6/6 – After much he loved and traveled, she spent the last years of her life in the peaceful French countryside, where she lived with her 19 cats. Visiting the cemetery of Saint-Dye-sur-Loire, you will find a curious mausoleum: a triptych, where she continues to embrace (simultaneously), whom she so loved. You can see more on Meeting Benches, looking for: UNREAL REALISM – When the supernatural comes true: with Leonor Fini, at the limits of the artistic creative world

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