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TWO PRETTY COUSINS: Trip to Ghent and Bruges, in Belgium, to embrace the beauty

gand1.1Historically, these two cities have seen races of a commercial nature, but today they are united by the same thing: beauty. 50 km separate Ghent from Brussels, and what we find is a very lively city, where we can choose to embark on a boat, take a trip on foot or horse-drawn carriage. Better that we go – before deciding what to do – the tourist office, to have a good map of the city, because the maze of streets and canals is really great. In Ghent, we get to see the Castle of Gerard the Devil, we could visit the cathedral (missed a large painting of the brothers Van Eyck). We could go on to the Bottermarkt (butter market), Graslei (the old port) until Lange Violettenstraat (where you can admire the houses of beguines, widows and those for women pie). http://www.visitgent.be/en/home

bruges2.1Bruges, an incredibly romantic, loved by legions of painters. 16 museums and 4 ways to see the city on foot, by chance, by bike or car. We could groped a mix! We will have to stop at least two days, because many are the things to see (I booked the hotel Erasmus). For dinner, a restaurant not to be missed, the De Witte Poorte. You might want to buy a travel memory of the city (of course, handmade lace). 67 km to observe something unforgettable, before returning to the hotel: Oostduinkerke, to see fishermen special, those riding comb the beach, looking delicious shrimp. http://www.visitgent.be/en/home – http://www.hotelscombined.it/Hotel/Hotel_Erasmus.htm?languageCode=EN – http://www.trav-well.com/brugge-restaurants-135976-De_Witte_Poorte.htm

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