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TRAVEL IN HOLLAND: The third route, in the company of friend Mattijs

4.1We have already visited Haarlem and Alkmaar, Hoorn and Palei Het Loo, and today Matthijs is ready to accompany you in the third stage of our itinerary Dutch: De Hoge Veluwe in Arnhem. When we get into the National Park I’m sure you’ll be amazed at seeing 5,500 hectares of forests, bogs, heaths and sand banks. We will be the largest Dutch nature reserve, embraced by thousands of rare plants, in the company of birds and wildlife. We will also visit the Kroller-Muller museum (with paintings by Vang Gogh and other artists).1.1
A creative suggestion: before leaving, we prepare a picnic basket, will allow us to eat outside (at the tables of the Visitor Center), thus saving time, which we dedicate to visiting the exhibition park, the Beeldenpark.

2.1In the afternoon we will move to Arnhem, and when we arrived – as do all of my guests – even you ask me to go to the famous bridge, that of John Frost. True, the second world war has left deep scars in this city, not by chance we can visit the Airborne Museum. To complete our third day of travel, we will stop in a wooded park of 44 hectares, where in the Nederlands Openluchtmuseum you can have a good overview of the architecture and folklore of my country.

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