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TIMELESS, AND ONLY FOR LOVE: Sussex, where time stands still, inside an old doll, or in a dusty model of a sailing boat

1.1It is not a question of money, but of taste. Not a problem of time, but how viverti inside. Maybe – but I speak of myself – you must have enough powder on your face, to realize that you have arrived at the last quarter of a mile, of life. I love my wrinkles and my wounds, I know every hue of the dust of my street, and when I mirror – even today – I distinguish colors and years, feelings and emotions, as the green color of the English countryside, as that sense of peace and nostalgia that, again, that landscape induces. I live in Ardingly, Sussex, my name is Sean, if you want, I’ll take you in the memories of my inner landscape, one of my English country fairs.

Thanks to my father – an antique dealer by trade – until a child I knew our curious country fairs and its strange exhibitors. Old furniture and silver tarnished by time, a golf club or an amazing small pedal cars (obviously metal). Are you with me at the fair in Newark, remains to me next – you lose you in the crowd – and if you expect of children at home, we can start from the stalls of old toys. A tip: do not give way to the impulse of the first purchase, because inside every one of those timeless objects, contains a surprise due to the price. You may pay dear what is not true, but also buy for next to nothing, that is incredibly valuable.

When you arrived in Ardingly, to meet me, surely you swam with your eyes in the green hills of my. Okay. You’re only an hour and a half from London, remember this, when you want to turn a day “no”, in a wonderful day full of “yes”. At the fair in Newark, as that of Ardingly, a soft “yes” is an old small boat, or an old advertising sign, trophy hunting forgotten or the tool of a carpenter. If you too – as happens to me, always – swimming inside these old memories, turns on a small light child, let go, let the flame becomes a fire (but not burn, please, the nearby Sherwood Forest), Robin Hood because he would no longer his home.

Tennis rackets and cricket bats, vintage suitcases and watches where time stands still, sometimes with that of their owner. Now, we enter the suggestion of the campaign Shepton, Wells and Glastonbury, where you can find small objects, and affordable in price. Watch what hotels Southwell – the “Saracen’s Head” – without going, thinking that much, but long ago, Charles I Stuard had slept in one of its rooms. That’s interesting. What we have seen has softened your eyes. Good sign. You spent your time well, with Sean.

5.1If you want to return, open your notebook travel, and make a note of these dates: NEWARK INTERNATIONAL ANTIQUES & COLLECTORS FAIR (April, June, August, October and December); Ardingly International Antiques & COLLECTORS FAIR (April, May, July August, September, October and November); SHEPTON MALLET ANTIQUES & COLLECTORS FAIR (March, May, July, September and November). You can eat, how I eat, to “Bowlish House” (Wells Road, Shepton Mallet, Somerset). A night to remember? Go to sleep (preferably without your children), in an old mill, “Bolebroke Mill” (Edenbridge Road, Hartfield, East Sussex).

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