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DUBAI, AN OPPORTUNITY NOT TO BE MISSED: Sea and business, looking at the future, but remembering that for purchases, it is better to go there in the spring.

1.1Hello, I’m Ameena, I hope, strongly, that you do not consider my country – as some hasty tourists – just a stopover to Thailand. Sure, in the Persian Gulf sheikhdoms are seven, but I will speak only of my Dubai. You will have already seen the duty free of our airport, but your eyes have seen only one clove, small, of what you can find in town. Yeah, we do not export oil only, indeed (something that not everyone knows about), our wealth is in the business, and the Dubai Shopping Festival every spring, it is the highest expression (in terms of volume of business, and the discounted rates ). http://www.dubaitourism.ae/2.1

If you come in the spring, there is a good dry climate, a reasonable temperature range day and night, and the sea waiting for you. A mesh of lightweight wool. This, as your friend and guide, I advise you to take when you have to confront the artificial climate of closed places. Obviously – and you should take note – by visiting Deira (a neighborhood full of shops), you can move between fabrics and spices, but can also stop for a coffee Arabic, before going to Al Fahidi Street, where computer science and electronics will cover every your curiosity. For example, in my language, the word “mercy” is feminine, instead anger is male. Well, I advise you to “live your trip” female. http://www.definitelydubai.com/3.1

You must have noticed the strong contrasts of my land, where the mosque Jumeira compares with skyscrapers, while our traditional boats – the “dhow” – will leave the choice of whether to use one to eat, next to Al Boom, or just to browse to spice fragrance, but a very good price. What you see to your left (yes, that building modern, in the shape of a wave), is the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Even that tower, the Burj Al Arab, a hotel, and I can assure you that from its height of 321 meters you will have a fabulous horizon. http://www.towd.com/search.php?country=Dubai4.1

Before you say goodbye, I would like to accompany you on the beach (or rather at a resort), the Hotel Le Meridien Jumeira Beach. I do not know what you think of Italian cuisine, but if you like, write down this address: Metropolitan Palace Hotel (his restaurant, worth a stop). Give me your hand. Hello and see you soon. Forgot. If you like sports, two ideas for you: Surf and ski course on the sands of Dubai. I’m glad you’ve followed my advice: smile and joy always feminine. Do not forget to Ameena, in your language means “Feel Safe”. http://dubai.angloinfo.com/af/237/dubai-tourist-offices-and-information.html

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