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WITH ROSSELLA, GONE WITH THE WIND: A spiral horizons of Georgia, looking for a general and a charming woman. You will not find either of them, but something more valuable.

4Unbelievable, but true. Sometimes a film can be something other than an mere fiction. Rossella a girl from Georgia, has proposed its route spiraling strange. Only by reading her whole article, we understand the reasons for its choice. She left the city of Atlanta at the bottom of the vortex, taking us by the hand into the wonder of her land. For friends who want to contribute:

1.1Any means you brought to me, by Rossella (a name, a program), you will have already noticed horizons filled with lakes and mountains, parks and waterfalls. Yes, this is my beautiful Georgia, also famous for two films – “A quiet weekend of fear,” and “Gone with the Wind” – you will not need to go back to see. Trust me, it will be sufficient for you to follow me meekly in the Chattooga River (to sniff the air of fear that there is not) and to Atlanta to see the remains of what Margaret Mitchelll narrated about the events of a woman who had the same name as me.2.1

Imagine a spiral. Well, this is the route of our five days, through the smells and tastes, historical records, the wonders of nature and the unusual things that I propose. Located in Marietta (25 miles from Atlanta), the small park Grover leaves you with memories of its small antique shops, and the Kennesaw House (where you sleep and eat a lot of American specialties) in 1862 had a different host, the General Sherman. If you think that hotel too expensive, I’ll take you to Whitlok Inn – near Marietta Square – a fine example of a Victorian house (as well as a bed and breakfast you will not forget). If you expect of children at home, do not forget to go to Church Street (the street of junk), where Antique Accents is the toy store that will give answers to your needs.3.1

How about four hours in the water? Not to overcharge, we could go on the shores of Lake Chatuge, where to rent a comfortable pontoon, slipping into the greenery and quiet. Following Interstate 41, we arrive at Cauhlon for the lunch hour. Let me, calm, the restaurant’s wood is full of outlaws, but only exquisite “Roper T-Bone Steak” (affordable, country music included in the cost). True. The steak was huge, we both need to digest. Maybe we could stretch our legs into an outlet, and if you want to buy you something distinctly North American, at incredible low prices. Or, we could go to the river of death, (this is the name of the city of Chattanooga), on Market Street, where the Warehouse Row can give you a wider choice. You decide.4.1

If you have interest in history, we can go to the Chickamauga-Chattanooga Military Park (ten kilometers from the city), coming with the car in a “re-created reality”, including guns and soldiers, camps and gunshot wounds. Do not worry, we do not expect a new war of secession. Behind us, Broad Street, the one we are taking is the State 58, the one that leads us to Lookout Mountain. You’ll experience the thrill of the rack (I hope you do not suffer from vertigo, because the slope is very steep). From this cliff 500 meters high, on top of the Cumberland Plateau, you can see birds without feathers flying, gliding humans. But those are the Rock City Gardens, a garden in the rock, where we will go through narrow gorges (not counting the types of flowers, there are over 400). Today we are lucky, the beautiful day offers us the wonder of a clear horizon, together with the visibility of seven US states.5.1

We turn to the west, because I want to offer a visit to a small town, and I am sure that you will experience the feeling of always known. True, it happens to me, every time the Clarkesville’s Walking Tour asks our legs force for almost three hours walk among the stately homes of “Gone with the Wind.” After a romantic interlude, we might give us a taste of adventure, heading south on US 19 until Appalachian Outfitters. You choose whether to use canoes or kayaks. Time flies, Atlanta ahead for a small tour – the essential – to observe a strange building, the World of Coca-Cola, as well as the Road to Tara Museum, at 659 Peachtree Street. Two things I would like to donate to our last moments in the city. We go to Ebenizer Baptist Church – at 449 Auburn Avenue – for the mass gospel, and say good-bye listening to jazz at Dante’s Down The Hatch. A hug from Rossella.

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