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UNITED COLORS OF COLORS: Where life breaks into shades and transparencies, also of gray or black.

LIGHT AND LIFE – M. Nijhoff: The light, the white light of God, it breaks into colors. Colors are the actions of light that breaks. Life breaks in the events multicolored. And my heart breaks when he speaks words. PALETTES – M. Mianiti: The endless shades of Degas, Delacroix bitumen that adds color to achieve transparency seductive, sudden bursts of hot Chagall, exaggerated colors of Van Gogh, the processing of jute canvas of Gauguin, the use contrary that Cezanne is the warm and cool colors. 1.1THE GREY – V. Kandinsky: The Grey is the stillness that is inconsolable. The more the gray becomes dark, the more you accentuate the suffocating oppression. If you give in the light, a kind of air, ability to breath, enters the same color, which in itself contains a certain element of hope concealed. INFLUENCES – V. Kandinsky: Colour is a means of exerting direct influence on the soul. Color is the key, the eye, the hammer that strikes it. The core instrument of a thousand strings. MEANING – See Gogh: Instead of trying to make what I have right in front of the eyes, I use color to express myself entirely arbitrary. I tried to express the terrible passions of men by red and green. BLUE – H. Pfeiffer: It ‘s the color deeper look will sink without hindrance and is lost in the infinite, as if the color evades indefinitely. Blue is the color most immaterial. In nature there is just as transparent, fact that is empty: empty of air, water, crystal or diamond. The vacuum is accurate, pure and cold. Blue is the color of the coldest and purest in absolute value, except for the empty suit of white neutral. The blue lighter forms, opens the discarded.2.1 BLACK – AG Fronzoni: Black is not the project. But black is also a tremendous source of strength: it combines the mystery of a great power that can be used. The darkness of black suggests the space, which is infinite. WHITE – V. Kandinsky: White, whom many consider often a non-color is the symbol of a world where the colors are gone, because the properties of material substances. The white work on our soul, like the silence. Silence is not dead, he lives full of possibilities. It ‘a nothing full of youthful joy or, rather, a nothing before the birth, before the beginning. RED AND BLUE – F. Portal: They represent the identification of love and wisdom. BLACK – V. Kandinsky: Like anything without a chance, nothing died after the death of the sun, as an eternal silence without future, without the very hope of a future, resonates inside the black.

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