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UNITED COLORS OF ADVENTURE: Come with me, free to dream and go in freedom in the wind, like a hawk. Far, far more

2.1Come on, let’s go wandering free weights: The spirits of the road winked, and I realized that I could not work (1). Come on, let’s go on dreaming: I go in the country of the rainbow, and walking with pendant arms (2). Come immerse yourself in the joy of going: Sun, shine on me up inside your heart. Wind drives away thoughts and sentences. There is no greater pleasure in the world, who go wandering endlessly (3). Come on, in the dream: The head is a friend of the foot, and both moons and tides (4). Come on, in the freedom of the spirit: Search a mesh route in the network that unites us, you jump out, run (5)! Come in freedom: I love the wind, the air, space, and do not know where I’m going, fervent and foolish heart, which shines in the air, and the wind that passes (6). Come in the adventure: I want to raise me where rolls the hawk, and the clouds pass slowly. I want to go to the waters that mirror the passing clouds (7).1.1

Come in the adventure inward: Sit down and meditating, traveling. It ‘nice to travel the world without getting tired feet (8). Come and find out why: Who do I question why my travels, I usually reply that I know well that I escape, but not what I’m looking for (9). Come in the usual path: The roads do not lead to any goal, all ending in us (10). Come in solitude: I went away overnight for no reason, driven by the concern that I gnawed at his heart, to take me step by step to loneliness (11). Come on the journey of life: Life is what you make of it. The trips are travelers. What we see is not what we see, but what we are (12). Come on, wander a little: And we are going who knows where, towards the city ever new, the unknown and in the evening. But, there in the garden, seen from the window, there is a whole spring. And there’s a gay girl (13). Come on, let’s go even further: There, somewhere, a beautiful country. Elsewhere (14).

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