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THE QUEEN OF AFRICA: Namibia. His are the parks and the savannah, the magic of the desert and the wonder of its mountains

1.1I do not know if you go in one of his many Lodge, but even now remember two things: the nearest super-market is 300 km away, and you never run out of petrol. Namibia is big, really big, a really special place if you want to know how it is done the infinite, or if you want to know the voice of silence. Who do you host in your own home, as always want to make a unique “market news”. In the vastness of Africa, in fact – and whatever your hotel accommodation – the people that you will know to ask, “fresh news from the outside,” but we will give everything, really everything that happens around them, in a radius of 300 km. http://www.visitingnamibia.com/3.1

Arrived in Namibia, you’ve already
discovered that in this country there are no mega-cities, and you will have the
time to learn about Park Namib oryx, the great desert of sand where the valleys
are filled with lichen-green-orange. Obviously, in order to observe this
miracle, the result of the rains in January and February, is at this time that
you will have to choose to make your trip to the African continent. Yes, you’ll
also have time to admire the flight of flamingos, on the Coast of the
skeletons, but I’ll remember to also make an excursion to the south – near the
border with South Africa – because the Fish River Canyon can remain inside your
eyes. http://www.lonelyplanet.com/namibia

2.1No, you need not change the continent, and even that you visit a zoo. To observe a colony of seals, it is sufficient that you visit Cape Cross, an emotion painted in blue, which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. Once, at least once, I invite you to experience a dinner by candlelight, not in any one night, and in any place: choose a Namibian farm – that of a farmer who opened their homes to travelers, including palms, succulents and orange flowers – but, possibly, the night before your departure. Before saying goodbye, I want to remind you that the name of that desert, “Namib” in Afrikaans language means “The Great Nothing.” Hello, look the pictures of your trip, but I am sure I will tell your happiness inside that amazing “Namib”, the oldest in the world, the one that – with a bit of daring – you could even fly in a hot air balloon. http://www.safaribookings.com/namibia/best-time4.1

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