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TAKE OVER WITH ME IN HIGH PROVENCE: Between fields and woods, at 160 kilometers from the sea in Nice, let groped by loneliness

Really – excuse us if we will do this confession – we knew your country French, Bercelonnette. Sure, it’s such a small town (and so far away from the normal tourist routes), which only a guide named Madelaine, that you could take us by the hand, leading us on your Alps, those of Haute Provence. Thank you, Madelaine, also to have suggested to friends Benches Meeting some interesting opportunities to purchase real estate. Of course, that’s your job, but you have found an original way to do it. We wait for you where you know, in

1.1Close your eyes for a moment, imagining the smell of the sea. Open your eyes (I hope forever), at what time I’ll show you a landscape hanging over almost 3,000 meters high, is my valley, that of the basin of Barcelonnette, 160 kilometers from the Cote d’Azur. Of course, from now to May, what you see is covered with snow, but my call is to walk along with me, between the houses, to look with different eyes than you – like any hasty tourist – perhaps you would not have seen.

Houses, houses where you can stay in the winter. Houses, houses where you can stay in the summer, two hours from the sea, one step up from a dream to reach, to ride the seasons and the weather, giving your future the certainty of a tiny cottage heated by a flame special, with the wood of your forest. Even at Uvernet (a small town near Barcelonnette), a few kilometers from the ski slopes and the ski Pra-Loup, I can show large farms turned into nice apartments of varying size. Perhaps you, too, as well as many others, can leave you attract from old houses in disuse, imagining the restructuring.

At Pra-Loup will not find long queues of cars, because the ski-lifts have been designed according to the real tourist traffic, but there is a swimming pool and restaurants, shops and ski school, even for kids. If you are truly a “lone wolf”, I have a suggestion for you, go to The Fan du bois, a picturesque and peaceful valley, where you will have the unusual opportunity to observe – as happens in a few places on our planet – two distinct horizons, one iconic and an echoic. . 4.4

The first is given to you in observing the peak of the Pain de Sucre, the second is what comes from your heart. Returning home, do not forget my name, and even forget some memories of Barcelonnette: “Chocolat de l’Ubaye” (sweet chocolate, 47 rue Manuel), hams and sausages of the “Cooperative des Eleveurs” (at 51 same way), and also the bread “Martin Hollinger”.


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