WELCOME TO HELL: Santorini, where the smell beyond the grave is pleasant , and the taste is unforgettable

1.1Welcome. Today we leave for the island of Thera, because that was the name the ancient Greeks gave to Santorini, the largest of the Cyclades archipelago. Even from a distance, when our ferry will approach to the volcanic island painted in gray, you will spot well  the upstream Prophitis Illas, but you must not forget that this is a volcano, he it’s the father of Pozzolan and Full-bodied Wine, on which rests – along with tourism – the island’s economy.

2.2When we disembark in the port of Ormos Athinios, and you shall keep up, as well as I did a few years ago, you too will count the number of turns that mules and cars dating back to reach to the top edge of the volcano. They are seven, and after we have passed the last of them, we do not we turn left in the direction of Santorini and its cathedral church dedicated to St. John the Baptist, but we will go to the south, at Akrotiri – a picturesque village – for our accommodations. I would like to go back to Thira’s Dolphin (with the possibility to choose between rooms or studios with kitchenettes), because we can choose the beautiful beaches (Kokkini, Fierce and Perissa), the names of their colors: red, white and black.

3.3If I remember correctly, you can also visit the archaeological site of Akrotiri, or head to the tip of the island, to visit the Lighthouse of Santorini, one of the most photographed in the world. I hope you take with your pocket notebook, because this way you can also draw not only the lighthouse, but also the amazing caldera. Obviously, I’m coming with you, but at sunset, because while a white light flashes every 10 seconds over us, I want to watch the Sun, while diving into the blue, awaiting the birth of color pink.

4.4For our second day of stay, we can do the tour of the small archipelago – Therasia, Aspronisi, Palea Kameni and Nea Kameni – and we will also have the opportunity to make a special dip in the blue, with mask and snorkel, get on to a black beach , and breathe in the smell of Hell, what – I seem to remember – it is a mixture of sulfur and rotten eggs. We will also have the chance to climb along a ridge surrounded by smoke, to get to a point that we will look amazed, but from which we will have the desire to move away. Why? Of course, we’ll be at the gates of hell, therefore, best to stay away.

5.5Sure, we can go to see what remains of the Minoan Civilization, in Akrotiri, visiting an archaeological dig amazing, what in 2006 was able to give a definite date to the largest eruption ever happened in Europe in 1627 BC. Huge boulders, and a rain of pumice and ash had risen to the stratosphere, after a roar audible immensely. When you shall keep homes and baths, you will understand that almost 4,000 years ago, in this place, its inhabitants had our same home comforts.

6.6For our last dinner? The Rastoni, of course – info@rastonisantorini.com – in the center of Fira, suspended between two shades of blue, the sky and the sea. For dinner, you can choose what you want among the dishes of olive oil, and rosmarino mint, origano and thyme (not forgetting the souvlaki), and you can drink what you want (do not forget the Asirtiko and Athyri) but I beg you to leave me the choice of dessert, and I will need to think long about what will be the best of the 10 sweetness of our last night in Santorini. But, if we return to the hotel you shall not take sleep, you can read a good novel Meeting Benches, for example, THE OTHER COUNTRYSIDE.

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