OUZO, CAFFE ‘GREEK AND LIQUOR KUMQUAT: Looking a treasure chest of valuable islands, on a cobalt blue sea

curfu1Among olive groves and cypress trees, a small archipelago in the Mediterranean has collected over the centuries – as well as in a mosaic – the memory of ancient Greece, Rome and Venice, but it also keeps fingerprints discussing France and England. Paxos and Ithaca, Kefalonia, Lefkada and Corfu, these are the names of its most precious gems. Inside the box of the Ionian Islands, in Greece, you will find jewelry apparently less attractive, but you’d be wrong, because the islands of Meganissi, Othonoi and Erikousa could fascinate too, preventing you to go home.

From any part of the world you come, I will meet you at the Athens airport, tartaruga1because it is from that city that we will fly to the island of Corfu. Upon our arrival, I will have to ask you a rather personal question, because I will have to know the type of tour that you will want to follow. Obviously, the archipelago can give you the pleasure of a vibrant nightlife, or a pleasant stay near one of its beautiful beaches, but if you want to rely on me, I would like to bring you into the heart of the greek lifestyle, even with renting a motorcycle, a boat, or a bicycle.

canaleamore1The island of Corfu is a green pearl which preserves three shades of color: the Venetian, the French and the English. When I will accompany you to the small village of Sidari, I will you observe curious, because you’ll be tempted to cross the “Channel of Love,” that – according to an ancient legend – he gives to a loving couple who swam there, a union eternal. If you want a breathtaking view, you will need to also have good shoes and a desire to walk, because the gift of Mount Pantokrator, it takes its toll in sweat, but from its summit will allow 360 degrees of the horizon, until  to the Italian.

I am sure that you will have taken on a trip even your notebook, but I would also lawrencedurrell1be happy to see you write something inside those pages, do not miss the excitement of the coast of Kalami, where the magical atmosphere will be the same as that which enveloped the writer Lawrence Durrell . Other writers and artists – such as Dionysios Solomos , Edward Lear, Henry Miller, and brothers Gerald and Lawrence Durrell – they had been magnetized by these places. Perhaps, in these pages you will put even the wonder of walking in the avenue of the cafes of the city of Corfu (the ” Liston “), but you must not be surprised by the high cost of your coffee. When we will be in Palaiokastritsa three beautiful bays will make you grow a desire to explore the caves almost inaccessible, but I beg you not to write too much, because by visiting the Achillion Palace and its gardens, the last few pages that I want to keep for yourself the memory of a woman with a sweet look, and the ill-fated existence, Elizabeth of Austria, Sissi, Princess sad, because of the repeated betrayals of her husband, and the death of his beloved son.

cenagreca1Our dinner? In the Greek, of course, but we should not forget that our food it will be fresh, plentiful and typical. After about three hours, our gastronomic journey will have its final rite: say hello before we can drink something, to remember the taste of this our vacation. Obviously “ouzo”, greek coffee, and a little kumquat liqueur.






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