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GREECE, AT HOME OF ARTEMIS AND APOLLO: The wonder in your eyes, the emotion in your heart

mosaico.grande1For your overnight stay, I recommend the small hotel Zorsis (, where you can sleep in beds Louis XV style, but I advise you to ask about one of its 10 rooms, one on the back, because it is from the terrace of that room you can admire the sky of your night on Mykonos. As you know, tomorrow we will visit the nearby island of Delos, and a ferry will take us in a few minutes in a small place, inhabited only by beautiful lizards, and by the undying fascination of its ancient past.

Delos is an archaeological site in the open, one under which Leto gave birth to leoni.1Artemis and Apollo. When we arrive, you’ll have to imagine the cult of Apollo and the Feasts Delie, those that took place on the island around 700 BC. Surely you will want to photograph splendid mosaics of the House of the Dolphins and the sanctuary of Dionysus, but you cannot do the same thing for the Sacred Lake – now dry – the one that is next to the Terrace of the Lions.

teatro1Visiting the theater district, you can imagine the Greek or Roman citizens, inside to their elegant arcaded courtyards. In one of the courtyards, you’ll be amazed, watching one of those old houses, the one where a mosaic depicting Dionysus riding a leopard. Of course, you will do what I had already done during my first visit: you will count the number of tiles used to make the eye of the animal. When we will be in the House of Masks, it will be a panther to be ridden by Dionysius.

traghetto1Before leaving this open-air museum, we will go up on the western side of the island, to see the theater, that can hold 5,500 spectators. If we will have time, we will also visit the Archaeological Museum, the one that contains all the things found on the island, but not the 5 lions, because what we will see are reproductions. If you want to come back here, I suggest that you write on your notebook the ferry schedule, the one that starts from Mykonos every day at 8 am or 10 am, the one that will bring you back to Mykonos at 12 or at 14.

mosaico1Tomorrow morning, we will leave at good time for Santorini Island, south of Mykonos and ferry (, it will touch the islands of Paros, Ios and Naxsos, before arriving at the destination. Yes, tomorrow I will accompany you into a legend that accompanies the memory of a terrible catastrophe, which is connected to the ancient kingdom of Atlantis. Even in Santorini, Meeting Benches do not speak of the heart in a house, or even a home in your heart, because we will have to wait to get to Crete, the last island of our trip in the Cyclades Islands. It will be in that place that we will repeat our address (, because if you want in-depth real estate purchase, we’ll be happy to put you in touch with some of the island Real Estate Agencies.

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