February 22, 2024 4:43 am

QUIMPER, FRANCE: Not only bagbipe


bretagna1It is a musical instrument air, and has its own tank shaped lot. When I, for the first time, I listened to the songs, I realized that its barrel is not only coming out of the music. They told me that what musical instrument, in Europe, there are several versions: “musette de cour” in France, “gaida” in the Balkans, “bagpipe” in Italian and “gaita” in Spanish Asturias.cornamusa1

Visiting I Quimper, in July, I have been fascinated by the colorful costumes of many bands, from every corner of Europe, the tourists told French Brittany same story, one that I mentally since then, I call “the fable of the music of the heart. ”

Men and women, teenagers and even children, marched through the streets of Quimber, telling all their tales without words. they blew air into the bag, but what came out of their bagpipes, it was their pride for the common membership Celtic, and what I observed in their faces, it was joy, the joy of their hearts. http://www.quimper-tourisme.com/en.html



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