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All seasons are best only different! The most pleasant time to visit the Selous is during the cool season from the end of June until October. The animals are not dispersed as they are during and after the rains. That have to come to the water regularly, and this is therefore the best time to observe game in bigger number, even in concentrations. It can already be pleasantly cool in May and June, depending on the year.

tanzania,selous1 001 copyThe rainy season in the Selous is normally from November to May, although there is a drier spell in January and February. This is also a beautiful time to visit as the trees and flowers are blossoming and everywhere it is green. Every old Africa hand knows, however, that the rains are notoriously unreliable. Showers occur in the dry season and drought in the wet season. If you have doubts, enquire about the road conditions before you travel! It is only during the heavy rains, normally from the end of March to May, that the Reserve is inaccessible and most tourist camp are closed. Nevertheless some may accept visitors even during the rainy season when is very possible that there will be lengthy dry spells

I prefer Selous Impala Camp

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