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BIG COUNTRY, WITH A LOT OF TALENTS – Travel into Argentine creativity, combination of many cultures, such its tango.

Do not forget: they only live with salt tastes; that is it. After our travel to Uruguay http://meetingbenches.com/2019/02/where-sound-of-candombe-is-integral-to-urban-landscapes-uruguayan-authors-travel-starting-punta-del -este-and-until-tacuarembo /, our basket of memories will be enriched with something new: a particularly original music selection, an art book by a painter who has made art history, a collection of poems, bombacha and alpargata, at least a minimalist dress by a …

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A VANGUARD DESIGN, WITH SOUTH AMERICAN SOUL – Nous, a rebel brand coming from Argentina.

The next green fashion talent. They are pushing forward dynamic concepts outside of industry hubs. Young creatives in Buenos Aires, continue to churn out impressive collections through the same progressive lenses as vanguard design darlings.Yes, Argentina have become a hotbed of radical fashion talent brands, including NOUS ETUDIONS (a vanguard design with South American soul), a trailblazer when it comes …

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