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WHERE TO INVENT, DREAM AND REFUGE IN THE ILLUSION – The journey brings wisdom. There is no better place to discover it than Peru

Peru, because it is absolutely mind boggling Arequipa, the “White City,” is guaranteed to impress; you too will stand awestruck in the Plaza de Armas, the most grandiose in Peru. Towering over the plaza is the city cathedral, built from a type of white volcanic rock, common throughout the city center. For a different perspective of the city, head away …

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FABRICS AND EMBROIDERY OF A PERUVIAN DESIGNER OF HAUTE COUTURE – Ani Álvarez Calderón: When gratitude is a way of life.

When clothing uses sun, earth and condors to enhance female beauty. Their spring clothing offers both ventilated silhouettes and impeccably tailored layers (from Peruvian pima cotton and soft and light alpaca). Visit a Peruvian Connection store near you, for take a look at their latest collection. Ecological clothing in Lima? If you want to support local producers, go to …

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COMO SI NADA, SOLITA, BUSCANDOTE – Mia Mont: Peruvian’s musicians female revelation.

Love’s songs into thirty years of life. Very good music records in Lima? Dischi Barricata, a store specializing in vinyl records, at Avenida Brasil 1275 (Store 39-B 2nd level).Various Andean communities preserve thousands of pre-Hispanic sounds and traditional rhythms even today. Its lyrics are pure poetry: song La Flor de la Canela is one of the most famous Peruvian songs …

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NOT FEELING ALONE, CREATING SITUATIONS AND CHARACTERS – Blanca Varela: I think poetry directed to the other that you could be yourself.

When poet is a human being like everyone else. The El Señorio del Sulco restaurant, is famed for its repertoire of Peruvian coastal tradition, that blends Spanish and native influences. The city has inspired novelist Mario Vargas Llosa, is been home to the country’s most beloved Peruvian novelists and poets. Lima remains a great place to walk in that …

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CLOSE TO THE PRIMITIVES ARTISTS, CREATING MASTERPIECES – Víctor Delfín: Art that springs from roots, in the heart and wings in the subconscious.

When a mansion become an art-filled hotel. To know the deep roots of this country, you need two things: a place to stay and an artist who talks about the connection between art and Peruvian nature. Once home to the Peruvian sculptor, to enter Casa Taller Víctor Delfin, is remaine close to an artist imaginative word. This guesthouse is …

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ERNESTO ARRISUENO – This world is not a real place. It comes from the mind

ERNESTO ARRISUENO 1/3 – He was born in Lima, Peru, studied studied art in Lima before completing a Bachelor of Architecture degree at Ricardo Palma University. Architectural drawing, for which he had won numerous prizes as a student, became a mayor theme in his artworks. His figures and objects are juxtaposed with beautifully rendered buildings fragments. ERNESTO ARRISUENO 2/3 – He moved  to Australia in 1988 and soon found …

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