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FARMER AND FLUTIST, PERFORMER, SINGER AND ACTOR – Robert Mirabal: All i see are dark dreary rain clouds, but it’s okay because the sun always sets like an indian

On stage with a hand drum, singing a traditional Tiwa song In every corner of New Mexico, visitors can find festivals, performances, concerts and music. Among its annual music events, Taos Solar Music Festival, you offers entertainment from the best of national and regional artists each June. Many musicians call Taos home, and its energetic wineries and brewpubs bring …

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ALICE’S RESTAURANT AND THE THANKSGIVING STAPLE – Arlo Guthrie: Never forget cannot have you a light, without a dark to stick it in.

The true story behind a song. Here you can see Casino (home of the Berkshire Theatre Festival) and Children’s Chimes Tower. The town has a tradition as an art colony. English missionaries settled it in 1734, for the Mahican Indian tribe. A special museum was open in 1969 in Stockbridge, where an original artist lived the last 25 years of …

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