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GIOVANNI PICO DELLA MIRANDOLA: Celestial Soul. I have made ​​you neither heavenly nor earthly, neither mortal nor immortal, so That You almost the same free and sovereign artificer I shaped you and you sculpt the shape That You would not have chosen. You can degenerate into Things That are lower than the brutes, you can, according to Functional your will, …

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MARSILIO FICINO: Poetry, The eyes.

MARSILIO FICINO, Italian Renaissance poet: The eyes. The way in which that lovers suffer evil eye we said above, if much this will add to what was said: that mortals then blindside very evil eye, when they frequently direct their eyes to the eye than others, connecting with the lights, and miserable for those you love drink. The eyes are …

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HOW BEAUTIFUL YOUTH: Who wants to be happy

HOW BEAUTIFUL YOUTH From the diary-illustrated atlas published by Benches Meeting from March 20, 2014 (e-book format in English and Italian). One of its pages written by Lorenzo de’ Medici. “How beautiful youth, who flees though! Who wants to be happy, either: of tomorrow there is no certainty. Each open ears well, tomorrow is no pastures; and today they are, …

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LUCREZIA TORNABUONI: Poetry, I do not care about you

Lucrezia TORNABUONI Italian poet was born in Florence in 1425, the mother of Lorenzo de ‘Medici. “I do not care more about you: I have taken strong branches, I do not answer because you call me, I will mock you. Enemy, I have now passed the dubious road; my Jesus has freed me, do not the one expected. Grace I’ve …

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