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TRAVELING “VESPA”: The passion above two wheels

Each of us can find motorcycle clothing that best suits their driving style, but also to life. If this weekend you decide to get on my “Vespa”, you can certainly put in your small backpack a few things that you deem necessary. You’ll have to listen to some advice first, because we live in symbiosis on the two wheels, kissed ...

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TRAVELING WITH A WORLD FAMOUS ACTRESS: Wrapped by a buzz, without fear of being stung by a wasp.

In recent years, she has gone to Belgium and England, Norway and Portugal. She is a world-renowned actress, having starred in memorable films such as “Roman Holiday” and “American Pie.” She was not born to be an actress, indeed. Hers was a particular genetic predisposition born in the aviation industry, and its godparents of baptism were two men Italian: Corradino ...

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Amazon.com, Whitestar.com, or a library of your city, offering you a large selection of books-guides. You can buy them, flipping through those catalogs in advance, in a selective manner: the budget, is obviously related to the season and the destination of your trip. A second your chance – but having first set your budget – is to visit your local ...

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Travelling by car, train, plane, bicycle, motorcycle, or on your own two feet? The choice of things to carry with you – whatever your destination – start here, but with a dual premise: there is no perfect suitcase, not carry with yourself. The suggestion, before you fill your suitcase, is to observe yourself at the mirror, carefully watching your reflection, ...

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