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WELCOME TO CRETE: We have a tour on a Vespa, and a week allows us to observe this island

Hello, welcome to Crete. We have a tour, and a week allows us to observe this island, traveling with my Vespa. As you see, I’m ready to go, and as for any my journey intriguing, also for this occasion I present myself dressed appropriately. What I wear is all about Marlboro Classic,  a fashion house Italian lifestyle, and it …

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GETTING STARTED: soft straps to your shoulder, remember to tie to your apron too, and eyes to see

He is called Finisterre 48, and accompanied me in all my travels. He is an indispensable friend, ready to offer to me clothes, food and first aid kit, but also something useful to orient myself. It has back and shoulder straps just to suit me, some outside pocket and also the hooks, and he guarantee to me a range of …

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A FRIEND INSEPARABLE: Open your eyes to the emotions, telling the past to imagine the future

Take it with you, on every trip. No, it is not a friend, is a travel notebook that you can find on this site to return to travel in your memories. He is a piece of leather craft and recycled cotton paper, he is made entirely by hand and he can be your travel companion, perfect for writing and …

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TRAVELING “VESPA”: The passion above two wheels

Each of us can find motorcycle clothing that best suits their driving style, but also to life. If this weekend you decide to get on my “Vespa”, you can certainly put in your small backpack a few things that you deem necessary. You’ll have to listen to some advice first, because we live in symbiosis on the two wheels, kissed …

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TRAVELING WITH A WORLD FAMOUS ACTRESS: Wrapped by a buzz, without fear of being stung by a wasp.

In recent years, she has gone to Belgium and England, Norway and Portugal. She is a world-renowned actress, having starred in memorable films such as “Roman Holiday” and “American Pie.” She was not born to be an actress, indeed. Hers was a particular genetic predisposition born in the aviation industry, and its godparents of baptism were two men Italian: Corradino …

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