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TOULOUSE’S ART EXHIBITIONS – Picasso, horizon mythologique + Le Centre de l’Affiche + Next Pop Art Galery

In any season, it is waiting for you. Whatever time of year, it offers the charm of its lightweight storia. Welcome to Toulouse, next to the Midi Pyrénées. How to start your trip? Need an approach, we offer you our: “The Meeting Benches way”: a perfectly proportioned man, created by Leonardo da Vinci, correlating the symmetry of human anatomy to …

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APRIL 26, 1937 – GUERNICA, SPAIN: A market day

It was a time of war, and it seemed that – in that part of the Iberian Peninsula – the men thought their lives to paint in the colors of cruelty. That city of Basque Country (Guernica), would pass to the memories of history for two things: a systematic and indiscriminate aerial bombardment, but also a painting by Pablo Picasso. …

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ENRY ROUSSEAU, Venice: An art exhibition, to admire the paintings of a man who painted with the eyes of a child

March 6 (and up to 5 July 2015), you will not need to seek an art museum in Paris, to discover the world of primal feelings. Henry Rousseau, a French painter born in a distant day in May of 1844, is in Venice, in the Doge’s guest, along with 40 of his pictorial masterpieces. The works of art of …

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ROADS BLUE, A BOOK OF LEAST HEAT MOON: The voices of the people, the sound of wind

A travel story, across the United States. From his reading, you can learn a multitude of useful information, but also many, many shades of emotion. The book is also equipped with some nice pictures. You’ll need a little time to read, because the story winds through many pages of text (and many miles of road). A tip? Let yourself go, …

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From the diary-atlanteillustrato TRAVEL IN ITALY, publisher Meeting Benches (e-book format, available in Italian language and English). A painter of the Italian Renaissance, born in Tuscany in 1420, a pupil of Fra Angelico, has long lived in Florence, by decorating  the church of San Marco. Like many painters of that period, he also was in Rome, by decorating a chapel …

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