If you paint influenced by Picasso, Miro and Matisse

Inspired by the masterpieces housed in the Prado Museum in Madrid, he embodied many women in his paintings. His romantic female art nudes are made of acrylic. As you have certainly noticed, in what he paints Picasso exerts great influence. Abstract and surrealist painting for José Manuel Merello plays an invaluable function. It contributes, in fact, to create the places of the imagination within which feelings and emotions take shape through brushes and colors. Through his use of color and the choice of subjects, he has attracted interest in art galleries around the world.

Do not ask yourself what art is; do like him: art is anything you create with emotion and wonder. His pictorial style, very abstract and with a Mediterranean flavor, prefers the use of bright colors.  Shapes and nerves of his subjects have wonderfully balanced complementary colors. José Manuel Merello is an artist born in Madrid in 1960. From his point of view, a good drawing is as important as the corresponding painting, as it is the first of the two that forms the skeleton on which the artist shapes the painting.

He is a kind of professional painter who favors acrylic expressionism mounted on canvas. Impossible not to be attract by the looks of his beautiful women with carmine red lips. José Manuel Merello exhibited exclusively in Spain, and his first exhibition was at the Victor Lope Contemporary Art in Barcelona in 2008. His artworks reminds us of Matisse and Picasso. Lived in Madrid until 1980, he then spent long periods in Castilla, Tenerife or Barcelona. Finally, his creative discovery journey ended in Valencia, where he lives.

Despite being born in Madrid, he lives and works in Valencia. Considering the harmony of forms as a primary necessity, with a meditative and contemplative technique, José Manuel Merello considers the use of pure colors for a long time and deeply. Technically speaking, he reminds you that what you do may be wrong, but it needs to be perfectly wrong. His work is influence not only by Renaissance and Baroque masters, but also by the Impressionists, abstraction and abstract expressionism.

What he paints of the Castilian plateau is shroud in the light of the Mediterranean. The influence of Spanish and Italian artists, whom José Manuel Merello studied in Spanish museums was extremely relevant in his work. Apart from still lifes, he creates portraits of fat, aesthetically perfect or old women. Much of his inspiration has roots in Picasso and Goya, and contemporary art is simply a continuation from the works of great artists.

With a self-taught training based on the study of the great painters of all time, he learned to paint and draw as a child. Within his apparently chaotic scene, you can always catch a serene and melancholy gaze, as well as his attention to order. At the base of José Manuel Merello‘s work is the mastery of technique and the enhancement of drawing. In fact, it is only after that that his brushstrokes materialize his seductive works of art.

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