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WHERE TRAVELLING IN SLIGHTLY OFFBEAT WAY – Australia, where acknowledging the past and laying claim to a future

Travel Australia, just so full of surprises    

After you have covered its Great Ocean Road, you will discover why it is the most beautiful scenic road in the world. Famous for surfing, kangaroos (in greater numbers than people) koalas, beaches and crystal clear sea, Australia offers you the choice between multiple places to visit. Observed closely, the fauna of its coral reef will give you all the colors of the rainbow. You will walk a lot and you will be hungry, but you will not have to worry, because the Australian barbecue is a real creative act. Of course, you will also be thirsty. No problem, because incredibly original wines are produced here.

Among the reasons to go to Australia, so far and mysterious, everyone is autonomously good to face that trip on the island of the world so big that it is a continent. Here you can let yourself be enchanted by the sunset on Ayers Rock, thus giving you an extraordinary experience that will never abandon your eyes again. In Melbourne, do not forget to enter the Victoria National Gallery, take a picture of the Sidney Opera House and watch an Australian football game. Obviously, you too will have the opportunity to meet the ancient inhabitants of this mysterious and fascinating continent. Aboriginal culture is imbued with essential values for the life of every living being.

If the time has come to change even in your life, decide to go to Australia You will have to learn to relate to its large spaces, where Aboriginal culture and cosmopolitan cities seem to integrate incredibly together. Within these endless red-painted horizons, the Indian Pacific train connects two cities (Sydney and Adelaide). Give yourself this surreal experience, an original journey that will allow you to admire panoramas impossible to imagine. To complete your travel experience, you will need to go to a farm, an ideal place to meet original people, who offered drinking strictly local beer.

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