FRANKNESS AND SPONTANEITY IN TELUGU CREATIVITY – Where poetry is art, together with sound and rhythm

What Telugu artists perceive, into a travel diary

Among the oldest civilizations in the world, this is a multicultural mosaic. With a rich heritage, India is a tourist destination that extends from the Himalayas to tropical rain forests. On the Deccan plateau, the Telangana is a state located on the central-southern stretch of the Indian peninsula. Its land is made up of hills, mountain ranges and dense forests. Hyderabad and Warangal, its cultural hearts, are famous for historical structures. Its culture combines Persian traditions with those of southern India. Here you find tradition in classical music, painting and popular arts.

During the Kakatiya rule, it was referred with words mean a single stone referring to a huge granite boulder. Now, Warangal is a city in the Indian state of Telangana, the Telugu-speaking region of Hyderabad state. Telangana state was formed on 2014. The cuisine of the city is mainly of Deccan dishes, such as Chapati, Puri and Biryani. Among its notable people, poet Kaloji Narayana Rao, film directorSandeep Vanga and songwriter Karthik Kodakandla.

In 1990, he was born in Warangal, in the Indian state of Telangana. Karthik Kodakandla beginning with Telugu short films until 2012, when he scored for his first short film Anukokunda. Then, he created short film 1973, which was nominated for national and international film festivals. Andham Dhaagina / Beauty is hidden, it is one of his most successful songs.

Telugu is the official language in large numbers of its inhabitants. In the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh speaks Urdu and 70 million people speak Telangana, Telugu language. In Warangal district, you will find temple ruins built in the 12th century by Kakatiyas at Ghanpur. The Chowmahalla Palace was home to the Nizams of Hyderabad. Paladugu is a village in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. There is no railway station, in less than 10 km. Telugu notable people include playback singer Nagoor Babu, poets Bammera Pothana and Suddala Hanmanthu.

He had learned instruction of the instruments from singers and professional artists. His themes were freedom, democracy and equality. His poetry inspired the people of the Telangana to participate in the led peasant against the oppressive rule of feudal lords. He was born in Paladugu village, Telangana State in India. Suddala Hanmanthu was an Indian poet of the mid 1900s. His folk song Telugu Palletoori Pillagada,, included in the 1980 movie Maa Bhoomi, mobilised the people of his region. His social and political vision was projected in many of his songs, such as in the song Pratina (oath).

Here, you can admire blackbucks grazing, at Mahavir Harina Vanasthali National Park. At an average altitude of 542 metres, along the banks of the Musi River, Hyderabad is the capital and largest city of the Indian state of Telangana Its Qutb Shahi Tombs at Ibrahim Bagh, are the tombs of the seven Qutb Shahi rulers. Do not forget Chowmahalla Palace, a principal palace of the Nizam’s, constructed by Salabat Jung in 1750. For your souvenirs shoping, visit Bridalwear shops in Laad Bazaar, near the Charminar. Hyderabad cuisine comprises a broad repertoire of rice, wheat and meat dishes and various spices. Its popular native dishes include nihari, chakna and baghara baingan. Among its notable people, singer Rashid Ali, Urdu poet Jameela Nishat and fashion designer Sonali Pamnani.

Lover of handlooms, her garments focus on comfort and style. She comes from a business family, and always wanted to make clothes. In her latest collection, she have experimented with the technique of hand block printing. Founded by Hyderabad-based Sonali Pamnani homegrown indie label (The Meraki Project) not only unveiled a new collection but also launched a digital magazine. She do not use synthetic fabrics, but all hand-woven textiles. Through prints block printed, they have created geometrical custom prints on super soft mulmul fabric.

Mahavir Harina Vanasthali National Park is an ideal location if you are nature and animal lovers. Golkonda Fort has attracted tourists (especially loved by photography lovers). Among best places for photography in Hyderabad you can try Necklace road, amazing place with a well-maintained environment considered ideal location for photography lovers. Do not forget Chowmahalla Palace, top attractions in Hyderabad, a magnificent palace where the Nizams entertained their official guests and visitors. Among its notable people, photographer Prabhakar Kusuma.

Through a refined aesthetic that was born from his experience in art, he has always continued his commitment to photographic excellence. Preferring to work in silence, Prabhakar Kusuma did not publish his photographs on social media, but let his work speak for itself. The photographs, that led him to win the coveted photographic prize dated back to 25 years ago, and were born in Warangal, his hometown. Altering the colors and taking inspiration from famous painters, he used the photographic medium by redesigning the forms.

Indian vernacular art, based on the traditions and the religion, is based on the collective memory of this group. Painting has a long history in Indian art. Its earliest paintings were the rock paintings in Bhimbetka rock shelters Indian paintings can be classified as murals, miniatures and paintings on cloth. Traces of murals, in fresco-like techniques, survive at the Ajanta Caves. Paintings on cloth, it was produced for epic poetry travelling reciters, or bought as souvenirs of pilgrimages. You can find Indian modern styles at affordable cost, shopping handmade paintings, canvas prints or frames online from India Among notable Indian painter we wish you remember Hemen Majumdar, Amrita Sher-Gil and Krishna Hawlaji Ara.

He found his way to art in the late 1930s. Born near Hyderabad in 1914, Krishnaji Howlaji Ara was an orphan and worked as a car cleaner. He landed his first solo show by 1942. Wanting to look at the world from an Indian way, he became a member of the revolutionary Progressive Artist’s Group. Initially, his media were watercolours and gouaches. Later he worked in oils, where pigmentation would remind of his previous preference for the watercolour.

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