AT THE HEART OF IRISH FASHION – Helen Steele: To give all work a panache feel and finish.

A clever technique for fusing colourful prints with luxury material.

It is in the north of County Monaghan. On the main Dublin, Emyvale it is north of Monaghan, Founded in 1974, Monaghan County Museum is recognised as one of the leading provincial museums in Ireland. Its notable residents include fashion designer Helen Steele.

Influenced by colour theory and the freedom of graffiti art, she lives in Emyvale (Co Monaghan), a reflection of an artist at work, but her new activewear range, is a departure from the red carpet dresses she is synonymous with. She love create colour theory based prints for her collections. Her female clients they want to feel and look good inside her clothes. Helen Steele is inspired by the women of Ireland of all ages, who walk or run on the paths, beaches and forests of Ireland. This designer combines a unique style of wearable art in luxurious fabrics and signature prints.

Working from her studio in Co Monaghan, she is one of Ireland’s leading creators of fashion art that is adored by international celebrity’s worldwide.Prides herself on her pieces, which encapsulates her designs, such as a reflection of an artist at work. She is a highly acclaimed award winning Irish designer and artist. To create a unique style of wearable art in luxurious fabrics and signature prints, Helen Steele has combined mastery of her craft and the use of colour theory. With all her wonderful creations, inspiring artwork for her prints are produced over a period of months from her Monaghan studio.

As an all-round fashion designer, her work continues to inspire fashion lovers who are looking to deviate away from mainstream fashion. Her fans can also buy direct from her website that displays her gleeful designs in the form of dresses, coats, scarfs. She has stated that the colours for her Dunnes Stores collection are designed to balance the body and mind, in the most nourishing very visually. With a client list of celebrities, Helen Steele’s work is sold in Ireland at Dunnes Stores and other counties right around the world.

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