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WRITING LONGHAND, GOING BACK TO THE SOURCE – Ivy Alvarez: A prolific writer that has had her work featured in various publications in Australia, England, Philippines and online.

To begin with, write in notebook, then transcribe to computer.

Welcome to 123 Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong City. They are the only bookstore in Manila that focuses on Philippine art, you offering a platform to generate cultural awareness. Artbooks https://artbooks.ph/is a new independent bookstore run by a company of artists dedicated to documenting and promoting Philippine art and culture. A selection of their books is also available online through their website info@artbooks.ph. You too can try, looking for Ivy Alvarez novel Disturbance

As reading, she working out the mechanics of the writing, see the poem and she think.In 2000, she won the Great Age Melbourne Writers Festival Poetry Slam. In 2004, she was award a bursary from the Scottish Arvon Foundatio. In 2006, she edited a chapbook anthology inspired by David Lynch’s TV show. US publisher released her first poetry collection in 2006. Having lived in Scotland and the Republic of Ireland, IVY ALVAREZ http://www.ivyalvarez.com/about/about-ivy-alvarez/ lived many years in Cardiff (Wales), before arriving in New Zealand. Born in the Philippines, she grew up in Tasmania, Australia.

She write to satisfy whatever the poem wants to be. Why? Simply: It is about listening to the poem. Her dissertation was about literary theft and borrowing. Her strongest influence as a poet is Sylvia Plath, because an English teacher introduced her to her work at school. In addition to poetry, she writes plays, articles, and reviews. In 2006, she received The Australia Council Literature Board grant for poetry. IVY ALVAREZ has been a guest at numerous writing festivals. In May 2011, she gave readings as a member of the Oz-Ko Tour of Korea.

Reading her Disturbance https://www.amazon.com/Disturbance-Ivy-Alvarez/dp/1781720878, chronicles a brutal murder case, based on fact, of a multiple-homicide, you will know where the husband/father gunned down an entire family. The Ivy Alvarez book, features poems in a kaleidoscope of voices from all the characters involved. This is a courageous book about evil and its presence in our everyday lives.

SNATCHING DARKNESS – Hold the flashlight and I will raise my hands, make these shapes for you to guess at. The wall is a page, shadows invisible ink with the heat of breath on it. Flick the dark into life. The floor our bed. Everyone has a temper these days. Let us stay small, hide, quiet. My fingers form a mouth, ears, and eyes. I bark a small clue for you. Will that do? You look away. The poor are often unlit. Undefended. This I know. Something rasps against the door. Our candles become currency, the air grainy, brown. Lights out. Remember this is the past now. I can never go untouched at night. Even the wind is all over me.

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