SINGING WITH A BEAUTY STYLE, UNCOMPROMISINGLY – Isobel Campbell: Creating bittersweet and ironic song writing.

A dream that’s in your head, suddenly become something that’s on tape

Unusual ways to spark song writing creativity? It would be interesting to learn more about what “creativity” really is. Even if you had a good idea to start from, also a song can born from whatever came to your mind, during that time. You need waiting to write the melody until you know what to say, embracing your words like warm liquid chocolate over fresh ideas. Buying vinyl is very much back in vogue, also into Glasgow’s best record stores. Somewhat of a institution, Rubadub records in Howard Street, is so revered that in 2016 it was voted as the 21st best record shop in the world. Here you can discover how a female songwriter use classical instruments and slightly nasal voice, making gentle and sombre music.

She has described as either indie pop, chamber pop or singer-songwriter. Born into an April day 1976, Scottish singer-songwriter, cellist and composer, as a member of the Scottish indie pop band Belle & Sebastian, ISOBEL CAMPBELL rose to prominence at age nineteen. Often using classical instruments and her slightly nasal voice, she makes gentle and sombre music. In 1999, she released her first solo album (The Green Fields of Foreverland).

A classically trained cellist, ISOBEL CAMPBELL also played keyboards. In 2002, she collaborated with a Scottish jazz musician, on a collection of Billie Holiday songs. In 2003, she released her first solo album. In April 2004, Campell released an EP with singer Mark Lanegan, titled Time Is Just the Same. In 2013, was announced that she and Lanegan had ended their musical partnership.

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