WHEN YOU ARE A NATIONAL LIVING TREASURE – Jimmy Little / Honeyed baritone voice and easy-listening approach to music.

I just want people to remember me as a nice person.

Welcome Australian Heritage Motor Inn (45 Cobra St | cnr Cobra and Brisbane Streets, Dubbo), where you can arrange your a last-minute booking in a Queen Superior room, surprising you with the size and cleanliness and price. For service to the entertainment industry as a singer and as an ambassador for Indigenous culture, he become an Officer of the Order of Australia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZ-QsMYqzoY. He had a career as a singer-songwriter and guitarist, which spanned six decades, with a music influenced by Nat King Cole.Australian singer and musician, JIMMY LITTLE was born in a March day, 1937, in Cummeragunja Mission (N.S.W., Australia). When in 2012 James Oswald Little had died Dubbo (N.S.W., Australia), he was one of Australia’s first Aboriginal musical stars.

Musician Michael Tuahine proposed a play based on the life of Jimmy Little. The play it was called Country Song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1O35sEyfYU. In 1958 Little married fellow singer and they had one child, who is a writer and historian. Aged 75 years, on an April day, JIMMY LITTLE died at his home in Dubbo. How he would like to be remember? As he had say, “I just want people to remember me as a nice person, who was fair-minded and had a bit of talent that put it to good use.”

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