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THE BAD BOY OF THE ART WORLD – Julian Schnabel / Cause a stir by adding broken pottery to mammoth canvases.

Exploring other creative outlets.

The best Brooklyn art galleries? A space offers you an engaging mix of shows by emerging artists, all working in a variety of mediums. Greenpoint Terminal Gallery is run by artist Brian Willmont, in an historic warehouse (once occupied by the American Manufacturing Corporation rope factory). You can visit also Minus Space dedicated to reductive abstract art, finding an international group of artists loving flatness and simplified form. If, walking through the streets of Brooklyn, you meet a man wearing eccentric pajamas, remember that he is a famous painter who lives here.

His art was characterized by its chaotic profusion of styles and sources. He was born in a October day, 1951, Brooklyn (New York), becoming painter, sculptor and filmmaker. JULIAN SCHNABEL was one of a international painters to emerge in the late 1970s, with bold expressive style termed Neo-Expressionist. He was known for culling imagery from a variety of sources. He become a bigger-than-life figure in the thriving art-star scene. He grew up in Texas and studied at the University of Houston, then moved to New York. His creativity was much influenced by his subsequent travels to Europe.

In 1979, it was with his first solo show, that he had his breakthrough. JULIAN SCHNABEL participated at the Venice Biennale in 1980. By art critics, his wild and expressive works were classed as neo-expressionism. His paintings combine abstract and figurative elements. His style is characterised by very large scale paintings, where he uses diverse materials (plaster or wax, photographs, velvet and ceramics). His paintings make use of canvas, muslin and even surfboards. Exploring other creative outlets, he turned to filmmaking in the 1990s. He co-wrote and directed the 1996 feature film “Basquiat”

With another his film, he told the story of the Cuban poet and novelist Reinaldo Arenas, in “Before Night Falls”. JULIAN SCHNABEL had an exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto), occupied the entirety of the gallery’s fifth floor. His works are in the collections of various museums throughout the world, such as Museum of Modern Art in New York, Reina Sofia in Madrid and Tate Modern in London). He maintains studios in New York City (on the far eastern end of Long Island). He resides in a former West Village horse stable, that he purchased and converted for residential use.

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