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LOUISE HENDERSON (1902/1994), NEW ZEALAND PAINTER – Embroidery as a Living Art.

The Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire, for services to art.

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Louise was born on a April day at Boulogne sur Seine (Paris). That child of the secretary to the sculptor Auguste Rodin, as a child she would go with her father to Rodin’s house, where play with chips of marble while the men talked. In 1919 she studied French literature, graduating with the baccalauréat, then she studied at l’École de la broderie, graduating as a designer in 1921. She frequented public art galleries and was authorised to study in the museum and library of the Musée des arts decoratifs. In Paris, she met a New Zealand graduate from Cambridge University. Returned to New Zealand, he wrote proposing marriage, which she accepted and in 1925 she left for New Zealand.

They celebrated their wedding in Christchurch, and Louise become LOUISE HENDERSON. Here she began to paint landscapes. Her Canterbury paintings of hills and architectural forms, always capture the visual language of the European moderns, schowing her special style, away from the topographical view of the landscape, shared by other New Zealand artists. From 1935 to 1938, travelling by train into the Canterbury hinterland, on sketching trips with other Christchurch artists. In 1994, after a short illness, she died in Auckland. Her long career left a huge body of work, which is represented in all major collections in New Zealand.

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